Who I am

With almost 20 years of PLM experience in the automotive sector, I have the technical background. Through my further development as a systemic coach and organizational consultant, I am familiar with effective psychological approaches and supportive methods.

Thomas Maier

Due to my professional experience in PLM and my professional insight into process development, IT and manufacturing in manufacturing companies, I know very well the interfaces that are affected by the decisive change processes in digital change.

I have specialized in the body language identification and resolution of human resistance in value-adding IT environments for the potential development of experts for harmonious process and tool development.


  • Scrum-Master, Scrum-Product-Owner, TÜV Süd Munich
  • LeSS-Practitioner, Valtech GmbH Düsseldorf
  • State-certified mechanical engineering technician, Singen Hohentwiel
  • Hypnosystemic Coach n. Dr. Gunther Schmidt MEI Institute Heidelberg
  • Integral Coach n. Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics Expert, R. Lutterbeck Bad Homburg
  • Provocative system work acc. to Prof. Frank Farrelly & Dr. Noni Höfner, D.I.P. Munich
  • Improvisation Theatre, Tatwort Munich
  • Systemic business coach, dvct e. V., Heidi Reimer Munich

Industry experience

  • 18 years in consulting engineering working methods
  • 7 years engineering commercial vehicle construction
  • 3 years Engineering-Automotive Development Service Provider
  • 8 years engineering automotive supplier

Key points

  • Projects for process development of engineering processes
  • Projects in the environment of IT-PDM/CAD implementations
  • Projects in the field of product development-Automotive
  • Coaching and consulting for IT consultants and executives
  • Career consulting in the IT-PDM/CAD environment

What makes me tick?

In my experience, one-sided power structures belong to the killers of harmonious digitization solutions and cause billions of dollars in damages through unsuccessful projects. I've experienced it that way several times.

That's why I offer you honest boutique consulting. I am interested in a result-oriented, appreciative cooperation in which taboos are also addressed and used helpfully. I am your mirror for what you do in your daily business - a change of perspective as a side effect without a doctor or pharmacist.

I pose the greatest danger to stuck structures; they will hardly survive my work. And you will be freed from many of the constraints you were so attached to.

I look forward to seeing you!
Your Thomas Maier