What all this is for

You allow your key people to innovate without actually allowing them to do so? Real permission, once known and implemented, leads to an enormous satisfaction and for example to a high percentage of data completeness.

If you allow your internal experts from the specialist areas, the key persons, to publicly carry out the valuable innovations that they keep with them, their secret tool developments, you will achieve accepted and greatly simplified overall systems with complete data sets.
You reach your "digital maturity" and are well prepared for VUCA eruptions.

What does my offer support you for?

In the age of ever shorter product life cycles, disruptive developments, the emergence of new, never-before-seen immediate necessities of rapid cooperation, an enormous awareness is required.
This creates uncertainty.

This uncertainty has a name: VUCA

VUCA is the description for the transition into an awareness that the future can no longer be planned by past practices.

But the future cannot be planned. However, decades of successful "best practices" have created a sense of predictable security, which now leads to uncertainty and fear in the increase of rapid changes. This blocks the development of the ability to change and the speed of change. A very dangerous situation.

What changes? What do we need?

We need a reduction of stress development in dealing with complexity.

More awareness, more clarity, more self-management becomes inevitable. "Industry Humor" is a very strong means to build up enormous forces to master the VUCA challenges.

The state of Western cultures

In our western culture our consciousness is very often covered by a heap of debris, like a mirror blinded by dust.
In our heads it's like rush hour: there are thoughts, there are longings, there are memories, there are ambitious ideas - there is constant traffic. Day in, day out.

You need the "digital maturity

The development of simple, well-functioning systems cannot be completely delegated to external consultants, since they cannot recognize the needs of internal experts and will therefore not resolve them either

Systems that simply correspond to the special features of the corporate culture, the product life cycle and the customer's particularities are created by your own people, who carry the smell of the stable within them and in "doing", in the responsible process design themselves only recognize what is needed.

Process design is the responsibility of the specialist departments. Architecture and IT convert these processes into structures and systems.

I support you in formulating requirements and process designs and in being able to present them in pictures.
You will learn how to articulate yourself and thereby bring the enormous, slumbering potential of existing but hidden solutions to the streets.

data completeness depends on "happy people" in the company. It is the optimal measure to be able to show the satisfaction of your personnel in the company in a differentiated way.