Online coaching

This morning when you woke up you had a queasy, threatening feeling before you suppressed it as a confessed adult who is not a wimp? Corona's doing her part.

That waking moment is an indicator of how well you're doing.

And if it feels uncomfortable, then you have the chance to pursue something that will help you in the end.
After you have recognized and understood that you yourself produce "the problem" and can therefore envisage solutions yourself, a happy end is very likely, almost guaranteed.

So please enjoy describing this quagmire to me for an hour and have me reflect it in a humorous way. In the end you will be able to laugh about it with new ideas and perspectives.
For this I cordially invite you to 60 minutes of clinical humour.

Reservation Coaching Corona- Special

The first hour is free of charge. After that there are special Corona prices. Changes or cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the coaching are subject to a fee!

Let us get started online. With humour you can access additional, inner sources of strength and manage the crisis confidently in your own way.

Best regards
Thomas Maier

Company support

For our getting to know each other, for an exchange on these topics, for the evaluation of a possible cooperation, I would like to invite you to a free strategy meeting.

If I could arouse your interest, please arrange a free telephone or Skype appointment with me.
+49 152 317 46 919

Overview of possible packages.


The exact packages result from the strategy discussion with you. You will develop as soon as your overall situation is known to me.

Thomas Maier