How I work

As a companion in day-to-day business I identify human resistance in order to gradually dissolve it in cooperation with all those involved. Using systemic tools and approaches, I bring about a change of perspective that enables and drives change processes on the basis of trust and appreciation.

What's so special about my offer?

My approach is very simple: I work in the role of a moderator, process developer, Scrum Masters in normal day-to-day business.

Just because of my physical presence and my special "industry humor", which is very liberating, I can easily identify, process and resolve hidden needs within 3-6 months.

Through this "industry humor" the slowing things start to move, become transparent and can be recognized on the basis of trust and appreciation in their useful meaning.
Peaceful assertions and steady acceptance are important components of "industry humor". They create enormously enlarged solution spaces. Mutual esteem is growing strongly despite different views. Compromises are found in a flash.

Key people are empowered and drive things forward themselves, systems simplify themselves considerably, data completeness and agility succeed... You are on your way, which you as a company will increasingly redesign yourself again and again, without having to pass this on to consultants.

Afterwards, in order to become sustainable, I offer you further development programs, trainings, workshops and coachings for organizations, teams and individuals. To this end, I work together with you as company management, your IT, your HR department and the relevant specialist departments.