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What does the data completeness of your complete systems have to do with you and your mindset as managing director?

Are you already shaping your global digitization? Impulses for your digital future.

What will you be travelling for in the future? Soon no longer for your products on the market, but for your services based on your data from your leased products. Possession will be replaced by services and your data will become your most important means to survive. Do you already have all data centrally available, networked with each other?
My experience has shown that IT specialists, both internally and externally, can provide very good solutions, but you will lack important data at the end of the day. Very often I have seen this self-evident fact that all data is available, especially on the new platform, without the thought that some might be missing.

Many data are stored elsewhere, in the silos of your experts, who often defend them very vehemently.

Data silos, data gaps show the enormous potential of your valuable people who have dealt with it themselves and have built up their own systems.

Now we have arrived at human needs.
They created these silos with the best of intentions, because there was a white spot. You orientate yourself on your mindset and that of the management and then act secretly when you are not seen.... which leads to these silos.

Process design and data generation are the responsibility of the departments themselves, IT provides the working environment.

Conversely, the data gaps reveal the tremendous potential of your valuable people and at the same time your need for action for more solidarity with you. My attitude to this is: What should be removed can remain and is enormously helpful for all of you at the end of the enlightenment.

By being very happy to enlighten you and also to cooperate in the day-to-day business before a major modernization, I support you in strengthening this solidarity, especially in the data gaps.

After that, you can tackle major modernizations much more courageously.
I will accompany you even further if your IT and its IT consulting can go a long way, and coach your experts to remain true to your new personal responsibility. As a side effect, you and your organization will become agile without the need for tools, without the need for tools such as Scrum, which cannot achieve sustainability without the mindset described above and the solidarity.

I look forward to meeting you.
Sincerely Thomas Maier, Coaching and Consulting