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Interfaces are scripts for your way to agility

Smart products, smart factories, AI, yes, the future is already there.
Technically looking at your IT landscape, you worry about your many interfaces.

Yes, how are you supposed to get all data and processes together in one complete system? So many system breaks via interfaces have to be reduced and so much depends on it. How can this be done so quickly?

Technically, human resistance is slowing you down, regardless of the technical effort you will put into making your products and production "smart". As if by magic, the effects, especially those of missing data, return after technical IT projects.

The enormous effort it took to agree on these interfaces and bring them to life is still in the bones. Always these sensitivities........and now? Now we just look ahead!

Interfaces are the scripts of your story for your way to agility. Decipher the contents in the focus of human concerns and you will get the background for effective resistance suitable for you as an individual company.

My recommendation:
With the donkey method are to make the deeper-seated needs of the experts, the architects of the silos, visible and above all usable. It is possible to put an end to the hostage-taking of data in one's own silos.

Characteristics such as differences, spontaneity, creativity, the joy of experimentation and the will to progress emerge.

So you are already agile, aren't you? Do you already use your existing competences on your way?

You can even gradually replace your parts list, your project management tool and other silos and transfer them into your new modern standard application.

Interfaces are scripts for humanity.
When do you start to consciously use your agility and realize data completeness?

Thomas Maier