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Data completeness as the most important measure of your agility

How agile are you? A contribution for companies that offer solid products.

Agility, the magic word, the helper in the need of ever shorter product life cycles. Everyone is talking about agility.

Would you like to know where you stand? What evidence from your own corporate world is there for you? How can you tell? Where should I start as an owner?

Agile mindset is described by the 4 central values of the agile manifesto []:

  1. the human being as the center of product development
    (Experts in the specialist areas)
    Collaboration is more important than processes and tools

  2. value added
    Functional products are more important than extensive documentation

  3. customer satisfaction
    Cooperation with the customer is more important than contract negotiations

  4. reacting to changed situations
    Flexibility is more important than adherence to a project plan

How can you check which mindset is currently distributed in your system?

You perform an analysis with answers to the questions:

  1. how complete are the data in the focus of new business models?
  2. are all our product data centrally available for all?
Data completeness as a measure of your agility. If you meet the values of the agile manifest, your data is also complete.


The mindset of management and senior management becomes transparent.

Every data gap that you will find, every system break that occurs reflects how cooperative your experts in the specialist areas are in the design of processes and tools.
This analysis will also show you the prevailing preservation of vested rights.

Vested rights indicate the opposite of agility.

In my point of view they represent the solution attempt of your experts to be recognized as belonging after your suggestions for further development have often not been heard. You demonstrate the current (low) commitment of the leadership to these needs from these areas.

Digital maturity means knowing the background to these vested interests and consciously and subconsciously accepting these historical contexts from several perspectives as valuable solution patterns. Only then can a foundation for trust and cooperation, i.e. for agility, emerge from my point of view.

The data analysis shows you immediately your need for action for the further development of your mindset.

Do you recognize the interpretive power of data completeness? data completeness is the measure of your fitness for the future.

Your Thomas Maier