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Offenes Training "Industrie- Humor" für Techniker

Verstehen Sie mich bloß nicht falsch:

Können Sie es wirklich aushalten, noch erfolgreicher zu sein, als Sie es sowieso schon sind? Wirklich? Bis zur letzten Rille schöpfen Sie Ihre Innovationen aus. Und das ist eine enorme Belastung, mit der Sie umgehen müssen.

Why should you check the completeness of product data now?

In the meantime, it has become clear where the journey is heading. Products are becoming increasingly intelligent and can report back on customer behaviour. The Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture Standard (OPC UA) for data exchange is emerging very quickly, and the networking of machines is possible across the board via this standard. Projects for these networks are underway. This is a very positive development with enormous opportunities, especially for medium-sized companies, which are still very hesitant.
But what about the database?

Complete data on your entire system. The relentless indicator of your ability to change

They use agile methods, a change and digitization program has introduced e.g. Scrum or Kanban. You are aware of the importance of continuous processes and coherent, recently flexible PLM/ERP/MES systems as a value-adding company. You have implemented such systems.
Everything possible is done once. How changeable have you really become? What other prerequisites do you need to be able to adapt quickly? Were the implementation programs able to achieve the desired effect?

8. BAM Bodensee Aerospace Meeting 19. March 2019

Dear prospective customers, dear prospective customers,

on March 19, 2019 the 8th BAM Bodensee Aerospace Meeting will take place at the Graf Zeppelin Haus in Friedrichshafen.

A very important topic of my offer for you as a representative of an aero management, an engineering department or an engineering expert is the way to fully implemented digital twins. What responsibility do you have as a non-IT representative?

Prerequisites for the Realization of Digital Twins for Digital Business Models

What sensitization and preparation, what human esteem is needed to approach digital twins, the virtual images of your products, your facilities, your performance as a basis for the development of new digital business models? How can you realize the digital twins yourself with the help of your own already existing potentials? An introduction by Thomas Maier, coaching and consulting.

Why do change or digitization projects very often lose their impact again?

Although change or digitization projects were and are carried out by technically excellent consultants, a great deal of important data is missing in the overall digital system once the consultants have left again. Experts disregard the instructions resulting from the projects and secretly work in their silos again. But why is that so?