Change !

key people allow innovation.


Things in digitalization are stagnating. They are getting nowhere.

You always have the feeling that you could somehow be further ahead than you are at the moment:

  • You could be a lot more innovative than experiencing it.
  • Your new systems are far too complex, new processes overburden you more than they benefit you.
  • the appropriate agile method is simply not accepted.
  • the departments don't want to work together to build AI and withhold their data and knowledge.
  • Despite good will, digitisation workshops have hardly any effect and have to be repeated several times without result due to differences of opinion.
  • Despite excellent project design, a change program remains stuck in human resistance during implementation.

But why? I offer you answers and solutions.


As a companion in day-to-day business I identify human resistance in order to gradually dissolve it in cooperation with all those involved. Using systemic tools and approaches, I bring about a change of perspective that enables and drives change processes on the basis of trust and appreciation.

What for

Allow and enable key individuals to innovate and achieve high percentage data integrity through emerging satisfaction.

If you allow your internal experts from the specialist areas, the key persons, to publicly carry out their silent innovations, which they keep with them, their secret tool developments, you will achieve in the end accepted and greatly simplified total systems with complete data sets.
You reach your "digital maturity" and are well prepared for VUCA eruptions.


With almost 20 years of PLM experience in the automotive sector, I have the technical background. Through my further development as a systemic coach and organizational consultant, I am familiar with effective psychological approaches and supportive methods.