Change !

Excellence in developing complex systems through data completeness and co-operation of key persons


Are you already shaping your global digitization?

What will you be travelling for in the future? Soon no longer for the sale of your products. You will market services based on your data of your smart products. For the first time, you will be able to stay in touch with end customers and learn from them. Are all your data already centrally available, networked, usable? Do you know the "digital twin" as the result? In my experience, human resistance through so-called "Taylorism" prevents the development of "digital twins". Important data is missing. But why? I offer you answers and solutions.


As a companion in day-to-day business I identify human resistance in order to gradually dissolve it in cooperation with all those involved. Using systemic tools and approaches, I bring about a change of perspective that enables and drives processes based on trust and appreciation.

What for

Large upcoming digitizations and digital overall systems are brought to their goal up to 30 times faster and more coherently by intrinsically motivated, internal key persons - preferably as product owners (drivers).


With almost 20 years of PLM experience in the automotive sector, I have the technical background. Through my further development as a systemic coach and organizational consultant, I am familiar with effective psychological approaches and supportive methods.